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What Goes on Facebook-Goes in THIS book

What Goes on Facebook-Goes in THIS book

A Short book of humerous  true life incidents to brighten your day. We have 30 rescue horses and have popped this short funny book on sale just to raise a few funds, although horses don't really feature so its anyones read . We are currently in lockdown due to COVID19 so I guess we could all do with a chuckle !!!  Enjoy! 


Once purchsed it will be emailed to the address given via paypal. You can print it off (33 A4 sheets) or simply read it on your device. 

We've squeezed a few initial reviews on the bottom. 


Forword by the editor.


Hello and welcome!
This book is compiled of the Facebook posts of my good friend Anabel . Over the years, she has
posted snippets of her life (often hilarious, frequently completely bizarre) on social media and has
amassed quite a following, many of whom have urged her to write this very book.
In order to better understand her humour and adventures, I’ve been asked to add this short
introduction, to help you to get to know the lady behind the posts.
It is no exaggeration to say that the love of Anabel’s life is horses. It is to the constant despair of her
friends that she seems to rescue more and more every time our backs are turned. They come from a
variety of places – the council, friends of friends, strangers who have heard of Anabel – and most are
donated with their own sob-story. Once arrived, they do not leave. And no matter what, they live
the best years of their life with Anabel who feeds and cares for over 30 horses.
In order to do this, she, shall we say scrimps, in other areas of her life. I doubt she has ever spent
more than £300 on a car – and to be honest this is probably a good thing. Within a week they
resemble a horror story. It is telling that Anabel is enormously proud of the only online competition
she has ever won… ‘Messiest car’! You certainly do not get into her car without up to date
vaccinations and PPE.
As well as the many horses, Anabel attracts unusual animals in the shape of her pet dogs and cats
(she would probably add her friends to this list of ‘unusual’ animals, but as we tolerate the constant
changes of plan which she never tells us about, and have collectively spent about 3 million hours
putting up electric fencing, I would disagree with this categorisation).
I know that over the years Anabel’s social media posts have made me laugh and wonder what on
earth she was thinking when she came up with that idea, so I hope that you enjoy these tales as
much as we have. 


Anabel Bray, just read the book, absolutely brilliant. Laughing out loud, tears in my eyes. Well worth the wait! 


Just Finished ‘The Book’
Still Crying


 I’ve just finished it and I was definitely grinning in between the fits of laughter😁.... brilliant read 👌🏻


Half way through ... shouldn't have read it on my night shift almost woke my boss laughing out loud .. your a star Mrs Bray ⭐


Can highly recommend this book. Made me laugh from start to finish. Also for a good cause. Brilliant well done.

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